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While there are numerous kitchen and bathroom floor tile alternatives, understanding the optimal applications for each will assist you in making the best decision for your home. They are, without a doubt, the most practical options available.

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Flooring Installation Richmond VA

Durable flooring installation Richmond VA for Kitchens and bathrooms

One of the most significant and difficult decisions you will make is which flooring materials to use in each section of your new production or custom home. It can be challenging to strike the proper balance between design and functionality, especially when dealing with the high moisture and humidity levels prevalent in kitchens and bathrooms. If you install flooring that isn't suited for a high-moisture climate, you can end up needing costly repairs or perhaps a complete replacement. Thankfully, our Flooring Installation Richmond offers a wide range of solutions, providing homeowners with more kitchen and bath flooring selections than ever before. Here are a few of our favorite options to get you started.


Vinyl flooring is a popular choice for many new homeowners when creating a kitchen or bathroom because of its durability, water resistance, and affordable price points. Vinyl comes in sheets, tiles, and planks and can be put to look like a variety of other surfaces. Unlike tile, vinyl has a more cushioned surface that allows you to stand for long periods without becoming tired or uncomfortable, as well as being gentler on dropped dishes and glasses. It can also be used to suppress an acoustically noisy room.

When our Bathroom Flooring Richmond crew installs sheet vinyl in your bathroom, it is usually the best solution. And it's best for bathrooms where it'll be exposed to a lot of dampness or little pools of water because it has fewer installation seams where water can get in.


While laminate is not as moisture resistant as tile or vinyl, it is still a viable kitchen and bath flooring option when adequately treated and installed by our Kitchen Flooring Richmond team. Laminate is a popular option for homeowners who want the look of hardwood floors but don't want to deal with the wetness. The upper laminate layer is a high-resolution representation of the surface it was created to imitate, allowing it to be the flooring world's chameleon.


The tile should be at the top of any new homeowner's flooring list because it is durable and moisture resistant, making it an excellent choice for kitchens and baths. Tile can satisfy even the most sophisticated interior designer, thanks to the wide range of sizes, shapes, textures, and looks available today. The most popular type of tile is ceramic, yet porcelain is frequently provided as an upgrade because it is the more water-resistant of the two.

Our Flooring Installation Richmond uses grout lines evenly between each section, emphasizing a specific color or design motif. Because of its sturdy, water-resistant nature and wide range of colors, forms, and designs, it is an excellent choice for both kitchens and bathrooms. Because it is one of the rougher materials, it can become slick when wet. Thus area rugs and mats can help prevent slippages, cold feet, and leg fatigue in both rooms.


Cork flooring is quickly becoming a favorite among homeowners looking for a long-lasting, environmentally friendly option. Cork not only has above-average water resistance, but it also has a cushioned surface that allows you to stand for long periods with less fatigue. Cork is also a great option for individuals looking for a green, renewable alternative. While not as flexible to all design concepts as other materials, our Flooring Installation Richmond does provide a wide range of colors, tints, hues, and textures.

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